Frequently Asked Questions about Technology Vouchers

As long as the documents are submitted, it will usually be approved within 3 to 4 months. The government regularly organizes internal meetings. If the documents are incomplete or the information is incorrect or missing, the company needs to submit the documents, but each time the documents are supplemented, they must wait for the government to reply again. In this way, it is a waste of time going back and forth between the business and the government. Therefore, the applicant enterprise needs to prepare all the materials and submit the technology voucher application first.

In the process of government procurement, the principle of the lowest price is adopted. Therefore, the applicant enterprise shall give priority to the supplier with the lowest price. Otherwise, the applicant needs to explain the reason to the government. Reasons include: clearly stating the uniqueness of the technology solution provider’s service. The rationale must be sufficient and reasonable before the government will consider adopting it. However, the application time may be slightly extended.

In order to avoid the occurrence of suppliers rigging bids together, applicants need to ask for quotations from suppliers, and they must “shop around”. For projects with a total project value of less than HK$50,000, the applicant company must obtain written quotations from at least two suppliers; for projects exceeding HK$50,000 but less than 300,000, the applicant company must obtain written quotations from three suppliers; for projects exceeding 300,000 more Need to obtain written quotations from at least five suppliers. When inviting suppliers to provide quotations, the suppliers must also sign the “Integrity Clause” and the “Anti-Biddering Agreement”.

It is not difficult to understand that when you ask a service provider to provide a quotation and the supplier cannot feel your sincerity, it is easy to realize that they are “accompanying” and will not get business at all, and they are often unwilling to provide a quotation. Applicants need to spend a lot of time and sincerity to communicate with suppliers or see more suppliers.

General operating costs will not be funded by technology voucher, such as:

  1. Staff salaries, allowances, general training and development;
  2. General office equipment/hardware, software and technology services or solutions required for daily operations;
  3. Professional service fees not related to technology;
  4. Marketing and brand promotion expenses;
  5. Transportation and accommodation;
  6. Financing expenses and administrative expenses.
  7. Purchase, maintenance, warranty and insurance of existing equipment
  8. Expenses incurred before the project is approved or outside the project period.

After receiving the application form, the Innovation and Technology Commission will check the qualifications of the applicant company and make a preliminary assessment. Eligible applications will be considered by the Technology Voucher Program Committee . The evaluation criteria include: whether the proposed project is related to the business of the applicant company, whether the budget is reasonable, whether the implementation details are reasonable, and whether the relevant consultant or service provider has a bad record.

In theory, it is possible, but it is necessary to explain to the Innovation and Technology Bureau how the company operates daily and how to ensure the implementation of the project.

Applicants can apply for the technology voucher program by themselves. Due to the lack of experience in most applications and the complicated application procedures for technology voucher, the application time is very long or even failed. Technology voucher intermediary consulting companies usually have rich experience or successful examples. Intermediary consulting companies can help organize documents and fill in application forms from beginning to end. Because these intermediary consulting companies are very familiar with technology voucher program applications, they can greatly shorten the application time. HKTechmatch has long-term cooperation with several reputable technology ticket consulting companies. Please register as our client immediately .

After the project is completed, the applicant must submit the following documents within two months to obtain the funding amount:
Final report of the project
Proof of Project Achievement
The original or copy of the payment receipt for each expenditure item
 I. If the approved funding amount exceeds 50,000 yuan, submit an audited project expenditure table prepared by an independent auditor
II. If the approved funding amount is 50,000 yuan or less, the applicant company must submit the final expenditure table and statement