The Most Effective Backlinks

External links meet Google's three-tier pyramid requirements

BackLinks external links, to gain favor with Google, must comply with the search engine's requirements. According to Google's latest updates, a pyramid structure is the most valued and effective external link pattern. The external links provided by our company will be based on a three-tier pyramid model. The bottom layer's Tiers 2 and 3 links will strengthen the top layer's Tier 1 external links, and this type of Link Profile will be the most compliant

Safer and More Effective

Many people, in their quest to quickly ascend to Google's first page, only choose do-follow backlinks. However, this type of link structure can make a website's Link Profile appear very unnatural and raise suspicions. To make your Link Profile appear more natural, will establish 20% of the backlinks as no-follow during the Link Building process, thereby making the entire website's Link Profile more natural.

translates to "Additionally, to ensure that the BackLinks backlinks you purchase are more effectively indexed by Google, we will appropriately index the BackLinks. We won't do a large amount of indexing in a short period of time, thus making the Link Building process more natural and authentic.

Maintain an Appropriate Construction Frequency

If the construction period is too fast, Google may suspect the established external links. Therefore, our company, to ensure that the established external links are indexed, generally maintains a construction period of about one month.

When Can Results Be Seen

Before starting Link Building, our company will create a Link Profile report for your website. After completing the project, we will review the effectiveness for you, comparing the website rankings before and after Link Building. Additionally, your website's natural ranking will improve within a month.

Marketplace Search Engine Optimization



Traditional SEO

Driven by Search Engine Demands

Optimize according to search engine requirements



Driven by Customer Experience

Optimize to Enhance User Experience

Traditional SEO

Aimed at Promoting the Company/Product

Using Keywords Focused on the Product/Company




Using Keywords Based on Customer Experience and Search Intent

Traditional SEO

Single-Minded Approach

Optimization is only focused on the website



Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Use multiple channels during the optimization process, such as combining links from FB and the website, etc.

Traditional SEO

Search Results Oriented

Data collection focuses on rankings and search volume



Analysis and Recommendations

Data analysis includes conversion and goal tracking

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