Before discovering malware, Google may blacklist your webpage.

Having your WordPress website blacklisted by Google is extremely detrimental to your business. You may lose customers, have your ads blocked, and experience a decline in search engine optimization. MalCare’s WordPress malware scanning program will ensure that your webpage remains in good standing with Google.

We will never slow down your website speed.

Finding malware and viruses is a challenging task that requires significant resources. To address this issue, we use our powerful servers to thoroughly scan your website for malicious software or code. Your website remains fast and responsive even without a heavy load.

Comprehensive scan of your website, including files and databases.

Malware can hide in every part of a WordPress website. Malware in files is very different from malware in databases. Our WordPress malware scan automatically checks every part of your website every day and alerts you in case of hacker attacks or malware infections.

Why Choose Our Malware Scanning and Remediation Service?

HKTechMatch WordPress has a strong technical team to identify malicious software and viruses without standard signatures. This allows us to find malicious software that other scanners may overlook.

No false positives.

HKTechMatch will not unnecessarily alert you. Our WordPress intelligent malware scanning program will only notify you when there is genuine malicious software or suspicious files present. No more false alarms leading to panic.

On-Demand Scan

Don't worry about whether you have malicious software. We can set up regular scans for your WordPress site to detect malicious software or malicious files.

Monitor File Changes.

We track all changes that occur on your website. However, unlike other WordPress malware scanning plugins, we only alert you to potentially harmful changes rather than routine updates.

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