SEO competitor analysis includes examining your SEO competitors’ links, keywords, content, and more, so you can reverse-engineer the most successful elements of these strategies into your own SEO strategy.

You don’t need to guess the keywords to target, the content to create, or the link-building to be done, but can look at what content works for others and build upon this success. There are many ways to conduct SEO competitive analysis, but the basic principle is to analyze content that is effective for your competitors (keywords, content, links, etc.) and use this intelligence to improve your own SEO efforts.

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Our Focus

Find Your Competitors

Before starting SEO, we must know who our actual search competitors are. You might think you know, but it's not always obvious when you delve deeper into the data.

Keyword Analysis

The main purpose of competitive keyword analysis is to find keywords for which your competitors rank higher but you do not.

SEO Content Analysis

Content is developed through keyword analysis and by reviewing competitors' content, and the content of competitors who have acquired more links is suitable for us.

Link Gap Analysis

Links are very important for ranking, therefore, this analysis aims to provide you with links that your competitors may also have.

On-Page User Metrics

Using your competitive analysis tool to analyze your competitors' on-site SEO will provide you with a veritable goldmine of new information.

SERP Analysis

Targeting the right keywords is not always enough, you also need to understand the 'search intent' of the keywords to generate traffic.

Marketplace Search Engine Optimization



Traditional SEO

Driven by Search Engine Demands

Optimize according to search engine requirements



Driven by Customer Experience

Optimize to Enhance User Experience

Traditional SEO

Aimed at Promoting the Company/Product

Using Keywords Focused on the Product/Company




Using Keywords Based on Customer Experience and Search Intent

Traditional SEO

Single-Minded Approach

Optimization is only focused on the website



Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Use multiple channels during the optimization process, such as combining links from FB and the website, etc.

Traditional SEO

Search Results Oriented

Data collection focuses on rankings and search volume



Analysis and Recommendations

Data analysis includes conversion and goal tracking

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