What is the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)?

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was introduced in a pilot form in November 2016. Its purpose is to provide funding for local small and medium-sized enterprises (referred to as “SMEs”) to use technology services and solutions to enhance productivity or facilitate upgrading and transformation.

  • The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was regularized starting from February 27, 2019.
  • Businesses with valid business registration or registered companies are eligible to apply.
  • Each eligible enterprise can receive a maximum subsidy of up to 600,000 Hong Kong dollars.
  • The funding ratio for technology projects is 3:1 (75%).
  • The maximum number of approved projects is limited to six.
  • Generally, each project should be completed within 12 months.

Technology Voucher Programme eligibility.

Enterprises and organizations meeting the following conditions (excluding listed companies) are eligible to submit an application:

  1. (a)(i) Registered under the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310) in Hong Kong;
  2. (a)(ii) Incorporated as a company under the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622) in Hong Kong;
  3. (a)(iii) A statutory body established in Hong Kong under the relevant ordinances;
  4. (b) Not a government-funded organization* or a subsidiary of any government-funded organization*;
  5. (c) Have substantive business operations in Hong Kong at the time of application, and the business must be relevant to the proposed project.

*Government-funded organizations refer to entities that receive regular funding from the government. This funding is used to cover operational expenses incurred by these organizations in providing services to the public. Regular funding may constitute a significant portion of the organization’s income or may be a minor contribution/sponsorship, representing a small proportion of the organization’s total revenue.

Source: Innovation and Technology Commission – Innovation and Technology Fund

Documents required for Technology Voucher Programme application.

  1. business registration.
  2. Certified copy of the Annual Return (Form NAR1) filed with the Companies Registry for the applying company.
  3. A copy of the documentary proof of substantive business operations.
  4. Certified copy of the quotation.
  5. A valid copy of the identification card of the person signing the application form.
  6. The integrity clauses and anti-collusion clauses in the quotation invitation letter/tender invitation letter.

Tell me more about the technology voucher.

【Latest News】Starting from June 1, 2020, the technology voucher program has relaxed its implementation regulations. Companies can initiate technology voucher projects the day after submitting the application, and are required to submit a report to the Innovation and Technology Bureau within 5 working days after the project initiation.

Submit application

Technology Voucher Evaluation

Implementation of the Technology Voucher Program

Disbursement of funding

The purpose of the Technology Voucher funding

Technological systems eligible for the Technology Voucher.

E-commerce system

The e-commerce system includes online store content management system (CMS), customer and management Apps, online payment, online marketing system, inventory management and automatic data collection system to facilitate customer consumption and improve customer loyalty

Point of Sale Management System POS

Handle various store sales situations, including cross-store management, member consumption records and management, online and offline links (O2O), and other retail business needs to improve operational efficiency


Customer Relation Management (CRM) enables the company to centrally process the detailed information of all customers, understand the needs of existing and potential customers, and provide data for market promotion for analysis and increase sales

Electronic appointment system

Regardless of venue management, equipment rental, business centers, clinics, etc., the reservation system can help users make arrangements in one stop, and provide reports for analysis to improve overall operations

Big data and cloud analysis solutions

Putting traditional systems on cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) will help the overall sustainability of the IT system, reduce costs and risks, and conduct real-time big data collection and analysis

Information Sharing Platform

Through the information sharing platform, customers and users can exchange information, reduce information and communication costs, and promote transactions and transaction volume

Technology Voucher Audit

After a successful application, companies need to pay attention to all expenses, including checks, receipts, etc., and the payee must have the same name as the applying company. If the project amount exceeds HKD 50,000, the accounts will be audited by a registered independent auditor, i.e., an Audit Report. Additionally, applying companies also need to submit a final execution report for the project, clearly outlining the achievements of the project.

Why hire a Technology Voucher consulting company?

Each small and medium-sized enterprise planning to apply for Technology Voucher funding is welcome to contact Business Aid Consulting Services. We are a professional Technology Voucher consulting firm that can conduct a preliminary analysis for your company, assess the chances of success in Technology Voucher applications, and provide suitable recommendations. This will enable your company to quickly secure funding, strengthen competitiveness, and enhance operational efficiency.

How to choose a high-quality technology voucher consulting company?

How to choose a high-quality and reliable technology voucher system supplier?

The Technology Voucher: Three Tips to Guide You on How to Apply Quickly.

Submit Technology Voucher Application.

Prepare all necessary documents, including ID, employee proof, business registration copy, evidence of substantive business operations, expense quotations, etc. It is advisable to seek advice from experienced consultants in Technology Voucher applications to avoid unnecessary complications.

Clearly specify the details of project implementation.

The project must have high relevance to the business of the applying enterprise. The specifications of the project must be clear, the budget reasonable, and the execution time must be less than 12 months. The past records of technology consultants and suppliers for the technology voucher project must be good.

Clearly explain how the Technology Voucher provides funding assistance.

Submit documents within two months after project completion: final project report, original or duplicate payment receipts for each expenditure item. If the approved funding amount is HKD 50,000 or below, the applying company must also submit the final expenditure statement and declaration.

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