Reports are an integral part of your work. After completing all actionable SEO tasks, reports help showcase to clients the work we’ve done and its crucial reasons. However, reports seem unbalanced in the aspect of search engine optimization. Our primary tasks include building links, writing content, and analyzing keywords, but in these efforts, reports shine a light. The issue with reports is that they require a significant amount of time, and the results can feel confusing and overwhelming. You can hire experts like us to assist you through this process.

HKTechMatch is a Hong Kong-based SEO company specializing in technology, offering cost-effective SEO services in Hong Kong. We can meet your reporting and SEO goals in the shortest time at the most affordable prices.

Our Focus.

Win-Loss Report

This part of the report, from the beginning, serves as the recipient, and they simply wish to receive a summary of the entire report and what is about to happen.

Search Intent Keyword Analysis.

SEO reports include all relevant analyses and their intent for the keywords discovered during the reporting period.

Reporting for Link building

The number of links lost and gained during a specific reporting period will always vary, and the differences should be included in the report

SERP features analysis

The report can include lost SERP positions as it may be related to a decrease in CTR and site performance.

SEO Technical Report.

Any significant technical actions taken by the company to improve search results will be included in the SEO report.

Building a relationship

You can include your relationship with the client in the report, for example, by mentioning competitor audits, website audits, SWOT analysis, etc.

Marketplace Search Engine Optimization



Traditional SEO

Driven by Search Engine Demands

Optimize according to search engine requirements



Driven by Customer Experience

Optimize to Enhance User Experience

Traditional SEO

Aimed at Promoting the Company/Product

Using Keywords Focused on the Product/Company




Using Keywords Based on Customer Experience and Search Intent

Traditional SEO

Single-Minded Approach

Optimization is only focused on the website



Multi-Dimensional Thinking

Use multiple channels during the optimization process, such as combining links from FB and the website, etc.

Traditional SEO

Search Results Oriented

Data collection focuses on rankings and search volume



Analysis and Recommendations

Data analysis includes conversion and goal tracking

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