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Herald Business Consulting(頌訊商業顧問),可通過herald.com.hk網站訪問,是一家專業的調查服務提供商。該公司定位為商業諮詢合作夥伴,團隊包括研究員、調查員和商業溝通官,這些專業人士經驗豐富、訓練有素,提供多樣化的服務,適合各類客戶,包括個人、商業公司、保險公司、律師和律師事務所。




Herald Business Consulting, accessible at herald.com.hk, is a professional investigation service provider. The company positions itself as a partner in business consulting, with a team that includes researchers, investigators, and business communications officers. These professionals are highly experienced and well-trained, offering a diverse range of services tailored to various clients, including individuals, business corporations, insurance companies, attorneys, and law firms.

Over a short period, Herald has established a reputation as a reliable and reputable business consulting partner, earning trust across different sectors. Their services are comprehensive and include asset and background checks, pre-employment screening, due diligence, process serving, insurance claims investigation, intellectual property investigation, digital forensics investigation, corporate solutions, and matrimonial investigation.

Herald Business Consulting distinguishes itself by being bold but not reckless, aiming to hypothesize boldly while proving hypotheses conscientiously and carefully. They emphasize true statements, responsiveness, client-first approach, and evidence recording. Their approach to business is characterized by providing detailed, well-planned actions and reports, ensuring quality service for their clients. The company also offers free consultation services for interested clients.