Successful Cases of Technology Voucher Program (TVP)

What is a technology voucher TVP?

The Technology Voucher Program (TVP) is a funding scheme supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund of the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of Hong Kong. The capital limit for each application is HK$600,000, or 75%.

The main objective of the Technology Voucher Program (TVP) is to subsidize Hong Kong enterprises to develop technology services, upgrade and transform, and increase productivity. The following are some examples of using technology voucher TVP:

  • Human Resources System
  • Inventory management system
  • Cloud Enterprise Resource Management System ERP
  • Retail Management System POS
  • Logistics management system
  • Online sales system
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Online store
  • Online hotel reservation system
  • Travel agency management website
  • Auto Insurance Brokerage System
  • AR/VR virtual reality
  • Large online sales platform

and many more


Successful examples of technology voucher

Below we list some successful examples of technology voucher applications:

  • Restaurants-Traditional Chinese restaurants have always used dim sum cards to record customer orders and the amount of food. We suggest that through technology voucher upgrade and transformation, the POS system of the catering management system can be used, eliminating the need for customers to fill in the snack card, and directly ordering meals on the tablet to save costs.
  • Tea restaurant-The general way of ordering in a tea restaurant is to record the food ordered by the customer through the staff. We recommend adding mobile phone software to order food, so that customers can use their mobile phones to place orders by themselves, reducing the manpower expenditure of the tea restaurant.
  • Packaging and Printing Company-Packaging company specializes in printing packaging gift boxes for enterprises. As digital promotion is a global trend, we recommend that companies establish various online promotion channels, including websites, apps, and customer management systems. In order to strengthen the management of digital promotion, evaluate the efficiency of promotion and obtain data to formulate marketing strategies, we also recommend deploying a cloud big data system to integrate relevant data through an automated digital promotion management platform to optimize overall performance.
  • Freight logistics platform-traditional logistics platform requires customers to call to make an appointment. However, after the logistics platform has passed the technological upgrade and transformation, customers only need the mobile phone software APP to make an appointment, eliminating the need to call or use Whatsapp to make an appointment. Greatly reduce the service cost of the platform.
  • Electric appliance repair reservation center-The electric appliance repair reservation center can only make reservations by phone. After the system is upgraded, guests can complete the reservation process by entering the address, maintenance time, telephone number, and email through the online reservation system. After the guest completes the reservation, he will receive an SMS reminder. As for the repair center, the staff will also receive SMS messages. You can also see the details of the appointment from the background, and then arrange the work of colleagues in the maintenance department, which greatly reduces the chance of error.
  • Pest Control Cleaning Company – The company needs to provide pest control, cleaning and cleaning services for all walks of life. The CRM system (customer relationship management system) was added through technology. In this way, you can directly issue a quotation to the customer and arrange an appointment for the service. There is no need to use Excel to record as much as before.
  • Accounting company-developed an accounting and secretarial service system, the system’s functions include automatically reminding customers to make annual tax declarations. The accounting company understands and follows up the status of the guests in the system.
  • Fitness company – developed a CRM system (customer relationship management system) to improve electronic membership management, integrate all member information into CRM, and connect to the website and mobile APP. Newly added functions include: membership card registration (no manual operation is required), members can log in to their member account to check progress, points, etc.
  • Tutoring Club-An online registration/reservation function has been developed. Students can check the teacher’s teaching schedule on the website and make appointments for tuition. Tuition teachers can manage time more quickly, including managing class time swaps or canceling appointments.
  • Florists-Traditional florists face many resource management problems: flowers are transferred from the farm to the consumer, and the logistics time must be accurately controlled, because different varieties of flowers have different requirements for temperature, humidity, light, etc., and storage management high expectation. Through the technology voucher funded project, the flower shop has established an enterprise resource planning system ERP and an online shop, which not only saves a lot of administrative manpower in the past, but also reduces human error and avoids wasting expensive air transportation of flowers.